Learn how to grow your Retail business with social media!

Social media is the number one online tool for retailers to reach new customers and stay connected with loyal fans. From fashion, food, baby products, florists, homewares and more, this course will enable you to create beautiful content, harness competitions and grow your business.


Are you ready to find new potential customers, build brand love and a loyal community of fans, and increase both online and in-store sales, all through social media?

You've landed on the right place to learn how you can reach thousands of potential customers, build your community, create a loveable brand in social media, and do this all effectively and cheaply.


You know that all the potential customers for your retail business are using social media every day but you don't know how to reach them.

You probably already use Facebook for your retail store, whether it's online, a physical store or both, but your aren't sure if you are doing it properly. And you know you could be getting more out of it. You get stuck on what images to post, whether to post videos, and how to create a Facebook ad that actually targets the buyers you want. Then, once you gain the followers, you don't know how to convert them to customers for your business!

Then there's all that devil in the detail.

Trusts us, we get it! Remember, although we're now expert in using social media, we had to start at the beginning too. And because you're reading this, we know you're ready to take the leap. But you're not alone, we're right here with you, holding your hand until you're a pro!

A brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is - it is what customers tell each other it is.


By using social media well, you'll get to talk to all your potential clients from all over New Zealand and the world. And as a savvy retailer, you'd be a fool to miss out on that. As a retailer, you need to be on Facebook and Instagram, and doing it well! And we show you how!

That, and you will get all our expert tips and tricks that will save you time and money. Yep, there's also that.

"Social Media is the new 0800 number. It's where your customers are and how they contact businesses, so you need to be there too!"

- Wendy Thompson, CEO, Socialites Group

90% of Kiwis aged 15+ use social media in New Zealand


What the Retail social media training will give you today!


  • Learn how to verify your page, schedule posts, maximise Facebook reviews and start using Facebook Live.
  • Discover how to create beautiful content that showcases your products, and how to make a great content plan.
  • Become an expert in Facebook advertising and learn how to increase engagement and target the right customers who want to buy from you.


  • Learn how to discover new people to follow and how to get them to follow you back.
  • Discover how to encourage user generated content from your customers and how to run a great Instagram competition.
  • Learn how to set up successful Instagram advertising campaigns targeting the customers you want.
  • Learn all about the right hashtags to use in your retail business to reach a global audience to buy your products.


  • Become a pro at taking photos in store and behind-the-scenes, plus discover the best and the easiest photo editing apps to make your images pop.
  • Discover how to create flatlays and crop closeups to make your Instagram look even more beautiful.
  • Learn all about using Instagram's inbuilt editing features to save time and enhance all your images in a few short swipes.

PLUS! As a Socialites Academy customer you also get live online chat support 9am - 9pm with our experienced team of social media experts. If you get stuck, you've got the best in the business to help you out.

Courses included in this training

Facebook Basics
All the basics that you need to know to get your business set up on Facebook.
Socialites Academy
Facebook Advanced
All the advanced tools you need to know to grow your business on Facebook.
Socialites Academy
Instagram Basics
All the basics that you need to know to get your business set up on Instagram.
Socialites Academy
Instagram Advanced
All the advanced tools you need to know to grow your business on Instagram.
Socialites Academy
Facebook & Instagram Advertising
Everything you need to know to advertise your business on Facebook and Instagram.
Socialites Academy
Content Basics
All the basics you need to know to create great social media content.
Socialites Academy
Creating Phone Content
Everything you need to know to create amazing content on your phone.
Socialites Academy
Social Media Influencers
Everything you need to know about getting social media influencers to promote your business.
Socialites Academy
LinkedIn Basics
All the basics that you need to know to get your business set up on LinkedIn.
Socialites Academy
Twitter Basics
All the basics that you need to know to get your business set up on Twitter.
Socialites Academy

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